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Tuesday, March 4th 2008

7:30 PM


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I can't decide whether I should like Dexter or not. It feels like a guilty pleasure. But he's funny and charming, and I try to overlook the fact that he's a serial killer .... Check him out on CBS Sunday Night at 10:00 PM. It helps that he only kills bad guys, and he's just so incredibly likable even though he doesn't really have a heart. I can't wait to see where this show goes ... it's definitely different.

Recycled Sanity
by Margaret Marr

Kick mosaic demons
out of my head
siphon noxious sulfur
with its
and clear metaphorical air
from my breathing space.

Grip my hand
and drag me from
this unfamiliar territory
lost in the fog
of fuzzy memories
born in a cloud of darkness

Shower my racing thoughts
with Heaven's blessed rain
cleanse evil scenes
replaying like a demented movie
and bring down a deluge
of recycled sanity.

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